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That’s a wrap! Takeaways from IMAGINE SUMMIT 2020

IMAGINE SUMMIT Virtual Summary

On July 8th, Axway held its annual IMAGINE SUMMIT 2020 virtually, in four different time zones. Paul French, Axway’s CMO, kicked things off to introduce the main themes of innovation and Open Everything!

Axway is continuously investing to innovate!

According to Paul, innovation is not just about problem-solving, it’s about looking at things differently. Companies need to invest decisively and be disciplined in their approach.

In 2020, things have changed globally and Axway met these challenges head-on. Below are some takeaways from IMAGINE SUMMIT 2020.

 “Things will never look the same.”

It’s time to Open Everything!

The current crisis has challenged the status quo. Companies can’t keep their data closed anymore. Axway helps companies unleashing their data, turning heritage infrastructure into brilliant digital customer experiences.

“Today we are faced with a surprise enemy that has brought about great demand,” said Axway CEO Patrick Donovan. “Companies have had to make strategic decisions to stay relevant in the Open Everything world.”

“Tomorrow’s winners are being determined today.”

Disruption? Start with innovation!

Companies need to drive digital transformation and innovation. To go fast, you have to go far; and together. An API strategy can be a speed enabler. APIs offer key integration patterns and demonstrate how you can open data to enable new usage while constantly exploring complexity: speed, agility, and flexibility.

Enter the Catalysts

By engaging the Axway Catalyst team, your company gets a roadmap to an effective digital strategy, including:

  • API as a Product and an API-First strategy which brings forth faster deployment.
  • Business objectives achieved, done in a scalable way.
  • Access to globally focused experts who are thought leaders and analysts to help your digital strategy.

This is a long-term journey. By introducing an API-First plan, the Catalysts meetings deliver serious business value. Additionally, Axway’s Innovation Lab works with your enterprise to solve complex integration scenarios.

Open Banking

Axway Catalyst, Eyal Sivan, Head of Open Banking, spoke about how Open Banking is the future of everything.

Open Banking is forever changing the way we interact with our money.” 

Banks are being disrupted for three reasons:

  1. Consumer demands for digital experiences.
  2. Competition large and small (like tech companies) is invading banks.
  3. Regulations around the world.

Open Banking is all about data, and APIs are part of this equation. They are common to every approach in Open Banking. Open Banking only happens when all parties agree in the ecosystem on a standard.

Banks play a critical role in the future. People have a fundamental right to their data. By introducing common open standards, Open banking is laying the foundation for the 21st century.

The open everything demo

Vince Padua, Axway’s CTIO demonstrated how AMPLIFY™ can address the new normal. Given the new complexity, agile best practices can be challenging. People spend 30% of their time maintaining all these practices.

 In the “age of any,” we’re stressing the balance of choice and complexity.

By leveraging AMPLIFY, you can govern multiple environments to discover and consume.

  • Legacy models can be liberated to achieve business outcomes.
  • An enterprise can drive forward with new capabilities.
  • AMPLIFY drives new possibilities and enables your infrastructure.
  • You can securely connect and reduce competitive tasks for innovation.

Watch the demo to learn more about the capabilities in AMPLIFY.


  • Open Everything and seek innovation and simplify your environments.
  • Use AMPLIFY to leverage your heritage infrastructure.
  • Accelerate continuous innovation and create brilliant customer experiences.

Are you open? Start today! Learn more about how to help your company open everything.

Missed the virtual IMAGINE SUMMIT 2020 or want to watch it again?