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Crash Analytics Updates in AMPLIFY Platform 7.0 release

On September 29, 2019 the AMPLIFY Platform (platform.axway.com) was upgraded. As part of this upgrade the Crash Analytics User Interface in the Dashboard has been enhanced. We will continue to improve the experience to access and view crash information through the Dashboard but wanted to share with you some of the updates that went live as part of the AMPLIFY platform upgrade.   

Crash ID  

We now display the Crash ID information in the crash details page. Access to Crash ID enables you to setup queries with the custom queries interface and run reports on the data attached to a crash event. As an example, let us consider the scenario where you want to query the number of times each user has encountered a particular crash. To run this query, the username should be set with setusername method of the aca module so that it will be included in the crash event sent to the platform. 

Crash ID 

To setup the query copy the Crash ID from the crash’s details view and navigate to the Analytics – > Custom Queries view of the Application.  

Crash ID

This query will list the usernames (provided you have included the username in the crash event with a call to setusername method of the aca module) and the number of times each user has encountered this crash.  

 There are different ways to use the custom queries interface to run reports on the crash analytics data.  For example, if you want to find out how much memory was available in the affected devices when the crash occurred, you can do the following: 

  • Send the Available Memory information in the crash event using setMetadata method say with the key device_available_memory 
  • In the custom query, filter on the Crash ID 
  • Group on device model and get the average on the key ( device_available_memory).  

The resulting query would look like:  

  Crash ID report

Device and Breadcrumb Details  

The Crash Details view now includes a devices tab that displays aggregations or distribution of App Versions, OS versions and Device Models affected by the crash.  

The breadcrumb details displayed in the occurrences tab has been enhanced to display the metadata information for each crash report. The list of occurrences can be filtered by the data attached to the crash event. For example, if you attached the device model information in the crash event then the occurrences list can be filtered to display the crash occurrence that are seen on a particular device model. 

To view the data attached in each crash event and view the breadcrumbs, click on the + sign and click on the crash.report link.  

    Device Information

ACA Module 1.4  

With ACA Module 1.4 release (&Titanium SDK 8.1.1) we have introduced a lot of performance improvements, optimization of analytics capacity usage and ability to handle scenarios where crash events may get dropped in poor network connectivity scenarios. All users of crash analytics are advised to upgrade to version 1.4.  

Purchase Options  

If you are on a new Pro subscription or on an Enterprise subscription, then Crash Analytics is automatically included in your plan.  

If you have an Indie subscription or an old Pro subscription or have renewed your Pro subscription prior to June 2019 then crash analytics is not automatically available in your plan. You can purchase it as an add-on by logging into platform.axway.com and clicking on billing under your profile and update your plan to add crash analytics (https://www.appcelerator.com/pricing/#application-services 

As a reminder and as announced previously here, the Apteligent integration in the platform will be discontinued on December 1,2019.  Please migrate your applications to use AMPLIFY Crash Analytics at your earliest convenience