EDI and B2B Integration

B2Bi and App Integration: Discover more!

B2Bi and App integration

Based on Axway’s long history with global EDI customers, we can claim that EDI is a cumulative stack of technologies and that there is no cancel and replace. Anytime an EDI customer needs a new communication channel or to address a new use-case, it adds components on top of what he already has to perform with EDI transactions.

In this context, AMPLIFY Application Integration enables our AMPLIFY B2B Integration customers to add new communication channels and to develop new use cases for B2Bi and App integration.

B2Bi and App integration: AMPLIFY Application Integration

AMPLIFY Application Integration comes with a unified virtual data abstract layer that enables customers to master only one data model regardless of the applications they want to integrate. It eliminates the need for point-to-point mapping of data to every new application and works like a pivot putting customers’ data models at the center of the application ecosystem.

So, it enables us to manage important data in the structure that is best for application, business or specific use case. To translate this feature into good examples, corporations with an external growth strategy could integrate newly acquired companies IS faster and any customer could quickly onboard new partners using SaaS applications for which we provide connectors (+170).

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Let’s take the example of a financial institute that targets the SMB market with new offerings. AMPLIFY B2B Integration combined with AMPLIFY Application Integration would allow them to expand their offerings (corporate payments and treasury management…) to the SMB market segment by seamlessly integrating with REST-based cloud services such as NetSuite, MSFT Dynamics 365, SAP BusinessOne, etc. which are commonly used by SMB business customers.

Not only does AMPLIFY Application Integration add new channels to AMPLIFY B2B Integration, but it also expends its feature and enables new use cases. For instance, a customer can directly check-in chat tool such as MS Teams, the status of a document. To make it happen, an AMPLIFY B2Bi connector provided in AMPLIFY Application Integration enables customers to use to quickly develop their own Chatbot solutions to track document status.

This could go even further with the addition of Syncplicity, for which we also provide a connector, as a customer could trigger a whole EDI chain processed by AMPLIFY B2B Integration by dropping a document (Order, Sales Proposal…) in a dedicated repository.

AMPLIFY B2B Integration APIs combined to AMPLIFY Application Integration are state-of-the-art solutions to modernize your existing B2B solutions and to leverage customers’ investments.

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