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Mr Open Banking An interview with Richard Turrin

Chasing China: An interview with Richard Turrin

The following article is an adapted transcript based on the audio recording of Season 2, Episode 6 of the Mr. Open Banking podcast. The...
healthcare interoperability

Survey: Patients want what APIs can offer, healthcare interoperability is at a crossroads

In Axway’s just-released consumer survey, we found many Americans are taking advantage of growing interoperability in healthcare, but there’s still work to do to...
Eyal Sivan on PayPod podcast

Eyal Sivan discusses open banking on PayPod podcast

Axway’s Head of Open Banking, Eyal Sivan, recently joined PayPod podcast host Scott Hawksworth to discuss why open banking is so transformative for the...

Interoperability: It’s not just a box to check but an opportunity to transform

So many get stuck in the compliance box mindset that they never realize the transformation opportunity that interoperability presents until it’s too late. Here’s an...
The Pensions Dashboard

MaPS: Building for the Pensions Dashboard, Part 2

The Pensions Dashboard is evidence that the influence of open APIs and the open everything agenda is growing beyond the confines of open banking...
open banking takeaways

Key takeaways from Open banking coming of age: How banks evolve as API Providers...

Open banking has gained prominence in the last few years. It’s not a fait accompli just yet, much more will evolve as banks turn...
UK MaPS and Open Banking

UK MaPS and Open Banking

If you look at the “open” initiatives being considered, investigated, researched, or implemented around the world, the most prominent and advanced are building on...
Axway and FDX

Axway joins Financial Data Exchange (FDX) to exchange ideas on Open Banking

The Open Banking/finance/insurance movement continues to gain momentum. The global Open Banking market value in 2019 was $9,045M with an expected growth of 24%...
OpenID Connect

2020 Medicare Interoperability Rule in Healthcare: OpenID Connect, Identity and Consent

The Interoperability Rule is driving transformation in healthcare. In an earlier post, we discussed some of the drivers and goals of the Interoperability Rule...
How the pandemic is accelerating the future of healthcare [PODCAST]

How the pandemic is accelerating the future of healthcare [PODCAST]

Over the past few months, our relationship to healthcare has changed — from telemedicine visits to wearing masks in public places. At this point, it's...

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