B2B experience: Enfo partners with Axway for excellent results

When the Enfo Group needed a sound B2B integration solution to meet their migration needs from XiB to B2Bi, Enfo partnered with Axway to meet their evolving requirements.

Enfo Group background

The Enfo Group is a Nordic IT service company that enables its customer’s data-driven business transformation. They are currently present in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. With a large focus on integration, they work to transform the way data is managed, perfected, dissected and utilized in intricate environments.

Additionally, the Enfo Group runs both digital resolutions while supporting customers in all their digital transformation requests. Enfo partnered with Axway in 2018 and the collaboration is multi-beneficial for their customers.

Enfo partnered with Axway

Since their partnership from the beginning, Enfo has been involved in a joint undertaking with Axway and PostNord. PostNord is a combined postal Nordic group which offers communications, postal and logistics solutions to both Sweden and Denmark. Based on this endeavor, they have utilized the AMPLIFY B2Bi platform which was based on XiB. At this time, Enfo and Axway are working to migrate from XiB to B2Bi for digital transformation.

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 “Many people at Enfo have a good perspective with Axway and we now look to broaden our hybrid integration platform offering.” Niclas Tenggren, Team Lead at Enfo

Sound solution

It’s no surprise that the Nordics have many B2Bi customers or XiB customers since the very beginning. With the sound solution of the AMPLIFY B2Bi platform, AMPLIFY API Management and Managed File Transfer, these serve as a solid foundation for a hybrid integration platform. This empowers solid abilities for the go-to-market based on the hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY™. Learn more how the hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY is a springboard to the future.

Discover all you need to know about the hybrid integration platform.


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