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Axway Summit Solution Tracks

Axway Summit 2021 Solution Tracks. What you need to know.

Experience, perspective, strategy. You'll have to lean heavily on all of them if you want to level up to the next stage of your...

Are women in tech transformers or disruptors? You decide at Axway Summit 2021.

Leveling up to the next stage of digital transformation can have many meanings. It depends on who you ask. But then, exploring and embracing...
Axway Summit 2021

Get ready to level up at Axway Summit 2021

Much has changed in the digital realm since we held our first virtual Axway Summit (formerly IMAGINE SUMMIT) last year. Many of us are...

Interoperability: It’s not just a box to check but an opportunity to transform

So many get stuck in the compliance box mindset that they never realize the transformation opportunity that interoperability presents until it’s too late. Here’s an...

Griffin Spotlight: Andrea Talarico walks the extra mile to develop the market and create...

Every month, in our Meet the Griffin Series, Axway presents an outstanding employee we feel embodies Axway’s culture and is a great example of commitment,...
AI Suite 2.4+

Great news! AI Suite 2.4+ is available [French translation provided]

AI Suite 2.4 was released in April 2019 and was a big step toward removing our Flash Player dependencies with the new version of...
Kenter moves B2B integration to the cloud

How Kenter saved 24% of capital costs by moving customer data to the cloud

What does a utility company in the Netherlands like Kenter do when its B2B integration platform is nearing the end because of EU regulations? They teamed with Axway to move B2B integration to the cloud to...

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