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KPIs for APIs Part 2 — more uses

In Part One of our blog series, KPIs for APIs, we discussed how KPIs for APIs (Key Performance Indicators) are used to develop your...
Dun & Bradstreet challenges

Dun & Bradstreet: leveraging APIs to deliver business intelligence data in near real-time

Since 1841, the Dun & Bradstreet Corporation (D&B) has been delivering insights for businesses that provide commercial data and analytics for over 265 million...

Event-driven use case – publish subscribe

Event-Driven API Management is the combination of AMPLIFY™ API Management and next-gen Axway Streams with some configuration for seamless integration. We already presented how to...
KPIs for APIs

KPIS for APIs – the execution imperative in an x24 digital acceleration

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for APIs can be used to sustain and grow your Platform, by showing the value of your APIs to your...
Reopening Axway’s global offices with the Griffin App

Reopening Axway’s global offices with the Griffin App

What do you do when you have 29 offices in 17 countries and all locations are facing unique challenges, differing mandates (federal and local...
Interoperability Rule in Healthcare

2020 Medicare Interoperability Rule in Healthcare

Even after 10 years of regulatory investment in digital health, we have not solved the problem of sharing data seamlessly between health systems, health...
4 tips for Digital Transformation

4 tips for Digital Transformation during COVID with Victor Lee

Today, the customer experience looks much different from a few mere months ago. In particular, consumer-packaged goods have transformed completely from their retail presence,...

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