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Axway's second collaboration with BFM

Axway launches second collaboration with BFM [French translation provided]

For the second year in a row, Axway is happy to sponsor the Grands Prix de l'Accélération Digitale 2020  (The 2020 Digital Acceleration Awards)...
IMAGINE SUMMIT 2020 Presentations

IMAGINE SUMMIT 2020 Presentations

IMAGINE SUMMIT is just around the corner. The virtual sessions will offer valuable answers to help update the roadmap on your digital business journey....
IMAGINE SUMMIT 2020 Sessions

IMAGINE SUMMIT 2020 Sessions: What to expect!

Exciting news! On July 8th, the wait is over. IMAGINE SUMMIT 2020 sessions are going virtual starting with: APAC: 11 am SGT/1 pm AEST ...

IMAGINE SUMMIT 2020 is going virtual

Because timely, pertinent knowledge cannot wait till next year. If you've attended Axway's IMAGINE SUMMIT in previous years, you already know we strive to deliver...


This year, our PARTNERS SUMMIT is going on a virtual tour region by region! Now more than ever, it’s important for Axway to emphasize...

Winners! Social & Political Cohesion category of #EUvsVirus Hackathon

The #EUvsVirus hackathon assembled some of Europe’s best minds to bring new, creative ideas and solutions to the global pandemic of COVID-19. In this...
3 UX tipsvideo

Three UX tips for your next hackathon project

Axway recently kicked off its first hackathon of the year—the #BetterConnected hackathon, aimed at developing applications that could help improve the lives of users...

#EUvsVirus hackathon–Axway steps up to the challenge

As we all adjust to a new normal, we honor those in the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. And we must do...
#BetterConnected hackathon

Hacking for a #BetterConnected future!

This month, Axway team members had the opportunity to participate in an internal virtual hackathon that was led by Axway Griffin Lab. The  Griffin Lab...

AI Suite : Vite ! Un Système d’Information Finance effervescent ! [English translation provided]

Avec Corine Parisot, j’ai eu l’opportunité le 31 mars 2020 de dérouler une présentation sur le thème : Pour un SI Finance digitagil Le Système d’Information...

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