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digital identity crisis

Product Bundling with APIs to solve your company’s digital identity crisis

HELP! It's a new decade and your organization may have woken up to what can only be called a "digital identity crisis." Who are we...
Servin' Up Digital

How much are you willing to throw into the fire of transformation?

I am delighted to launch the first episode of Servin' Up Digital live on YouTube. For me, it was genuinely challenging to merge two...
Monetization handwritten on school blackboard

Should I monetize my APIs?

API Monetization consists of tracking API Usage on a per customer basis, enforcing usage plan quotas, and informing back-end billing systems of usage levels. This...

Servin’ Up Digital: Culinary Answer to Digital Business’s (Burning) Questions

I must confess, I'm a damn foody! In my former life, I worked in gastronomy for years. Today I have close friends running restaurants...
disruptive api trends for 2020

12 Disruptive API Trends for 2020

One of our customers made an astute observation: You've created thousands of APIs, but this one is our first. Over the years, we've worked...
IT market changes

Five technological aspects that have changed the IT market in the last five years

The search for efficiency, agility and practicality has led several sectors to leverage their services, such as banks, industries and retail. IT market changes It is...
API as a Product strategy

API as a Product, a strategy for successful consumption and avoiding catastrophe

Fail, fast, forward. This is a mindset that everyone who is tackling a digital transformation or digital initiative is tasked with executing. Modernize, Transform,...
Demystifying APIs - How APIs Support the Digitalization of Bank Service Channels

Demystifying APIs Part 1: How APIs Support the Digitalization of Bank Service Channels

The digital world carries within itself a range of acronyms that help in digitizing business. Among these are the Application Programming Interface (API). A...
How companies are using API management

How companies are using API Management

In the digital era, most companies expose their APIs to engage with their partners, consumers, users or application developers to expand their businesses. Most...
API integration strategy

Why API integration is critical to an Open Banking strategy

What is Open Banking? The concept of Open Banking involves enabling third-party software providers and banks to build new, customer-centric financial applications and services. Open banking...

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