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Axway Spark
Axway Spark

Last Thursday, Axway held the first-ever annual virtual worldwide conference called Axway Spark. For the first time in its history, Axway created a unique experience by connecting and engaging with its customers and IT community in a novel and digital way. Axway showcased its thought leadership, unveiled its new brand, introduced its new Point of View on Customer Experience Networks and launched the game-changing Axway AMPLIFY™ platform.
This was an amazing event streaming live from the headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, for three hours to over 1600 people covering 43 countries. For those who want to watch the event on demand, check out this link.

Summary of the preparation of the event

The event was extremely well prepared and a promotion campaign was launched two months ago with a series of powerful teasers posted by all employees and partners to social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, inviting people to register for the event.


Axway Spark: Hosting of the event

The event was accessible from any browser with a simple URL and your e-mail address. Once logged in, a welcome page invited you to enter the theater to attend the live keynotes. After the live sessions, the exhibition hall was open to the public to navigate in the Axway booth area or the partners’ booths. The Axway booth area contained six areas: Community, Analytics, API, App Dev, Integration and Industries.


The content of the keynote

In the introduction keynote, our guest speaker Ray Wan shared interesting statements:

  • “52% of the Fortune 500 firms since 2000 are gone”
  • “55% of the Fortune 500 firms lost money in 2015”
  • “Digital creates a winner who takes all the market”
  • “Disrupt or be massively disrupted”
  • “Attention economy” aka “Experience economy”

He also encouraged companies to think this way when they release a new digital project: “What’s in it for my customers and how do I build around a customer-centric model?”

He reminded that context is also paramount: “it gives permission to engage!” “Deliver on mass personalization at scale.”

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Axway lets imagination take place.

Today, omnichannel is no longer enough. In a context where digital interactions are booming, organizations need to turn their existing integrations into more global, dynamic and flexible interactions. Those new interactions allow them to participate in a larger ecosystem, achieve unmatched scale and significantly boost their agility. APIs are playing a key role in that by transforming rigid and manual connections between people, businesses, and machines into adaptable customer experience networks that accelerate the building and scaling of new business models. Axway AMPLIFY, the new Axway Platform, allows customers to achieve this transformation.


This leads to faster development and time to market of amazing apps that create delightful customer experience while integrating behind the scene with a large ecosystem providing a variety of services.

Promotion of the Axway partner ecosystem

Partners are vital to Axway and this event was a great opportunity to promote them the way they deserve.
Axway Senior Vice President, Global Alliances and Channels, explaining how Axway can help clients of its partners with digital transformation.

The event lived from the inside

It was fascinating to see how Axwegians—the Axway employees—lived this fascinating event. In Phoenix, they all gathered in the theater where the live sessions were filmed and broadcast from. In France, employees gathered in a movie theatre on the Champs-Élysées to watch the broadcast on a very large screen. And with other subject matter experts, I gathered in a room to animate the virtual booths and answer questions from visitors. Of course, we didn’t forget to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate the success of the event!
And the next day, we had the chance to have in our office all materials available to fully embrace the new Axway brand!

Learn more about AMPLIFY here.

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