Digital journey around the world

digital journey
digital journey

Updated 11/8/18

At Axway Connections back in 2015, Matt Graney and I presented a session on the “Digital Journey Around the World.” As an Aussie and Irishman respectively, Matt and I presented a global focus to the journey–a journey around the world.

By happy coincidence, it was an important time in the parallel world of the movie “Back to the Future”; it was the time when the characters returned to the future (i.e., October 2015). In keeping with this theme, Matt and I started our journey with some time-travel, back to 23 years ago when Nicholas Negroponte’s seminal book “Being Digital” was published.

I recall eagerly buying “Being Digital” at the time, in a bookshop in Dublin, and reading its predictions. Ironically, this paper book foretold e-books, as well as touch-screen interfaces and personalized news. The bookshop has now gone out of business, but e-books live on.

Digital journey

We explained that when a journey starts, you first check your engine. All the parts must be well-oiled and working together. In the digital world, that means bringing together different interfaces. This is through files (MFT), through EDI and APIs. All must work in tandem. At Axway, by linking Digital Engagement with the underlying Digital Foundation, we ensure that all the parts of this engine work together.

Before & after

It was time for the pre-flight safety check. Security is more important than ever, especially for APIs. We discussed recent API security breaches, such as the Kardashian API attack.

Next, we needed a map. We showed how the lines on the map are vital to join the points in the journey. For example, B2B connects through Cloud to on-premises to create a hybrid architecture. DevOps links (of course) developers and operations. And, monetization is key to linking it all to revenue.

Next, we talked about how the journey is achieved with Digital Connectivity to manage flows, Digital Services to connect the ecosystem, and enabling Digital Experiences to delight customers and exceed expectations.

Finally, we presented an array of great customer examples, around the world, of customers benefiting from Axway for Digital Enablement.

Learn more about digital transformation here.

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