Samsung and PayPal Team Up, Ford Looks Forward and More: This Week in Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility

App Engagement On the Rise

A new report from Localytics published this week was filled with promising news for mobile developers. TechCrunch reported on the study, which showed that in-app user engagement is up 21% since 2013, as measured by the average time users are spending inside of their apps. These findings support reports from comScore and Nielsen released earlier this year that pointed towards apps as the leading medium for digital media consumption.
So what does this mean for the enterprise? Great apps that users find valuable can and will be used often. Despite reports that show that users are installing fewer apps overall, experiences that solve problems and ease workflows will likely be met with open arms by employees as their preferences turn towards using their mobile devices inside and outside of the workplace.
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Samsung and PayPal Team Up to Take on Apple Pay

Hot on the heels of Apple’s unveiling of Apple Pay, Samsung and PayPal are rumored to have hatched a partnership to bring mobile payments to the next generation of Samsung smart watches. After establishing themselves early as an online and mobile payments leader, PayPal has seen a loss of relevance as companies like Square have acquired market share. Meanwhile, Samsung is feeling the pressure from Apple following last week’s announcement of the Apple Watch and Apple Pay technologies.
The partnership will allow Samsung owners to pay for products by waving their watch over a sensor and confirming their identity through a built in fingerprint scanner. Exactly how many businesses will support both the Samsung/PayPal and Apple Pay technology remains unclear, but what is known is that Apple has again struck fear into the hearts of its competitors.

Ford Looks Forward with “Smart Car” Technology

Ford announced they are partnering with Automatic, a startup that brings a variety of mobile technology and features into the current Ford Sync AppLink system including Siri and IFFT integration.
Ford and Lincoln owners can plug the Automatic device into their diagnostic port, gaining control of the car’s control network. Drivers can then use Siri to make calls, compose text messages, launch a music playlist or even post to Facebook. Automatic also logs diagnostic data on your vehicle that is displayed inside of a smartphone app, allowing users a dashboard-style view of their car’s health.
Along with Siri capabilities, in-car IFFT integration helps push automobile technology further into the “Internet of Things”. With recipes built on IFFT, drivers can set automatic preferences that turn their lights on when they get home or shut off the air conditioning when they pull out of the driveway. The use cases are endless and will only continue to grow as technology like this makes its way into more vehicles.
The partnership makes it clear that its not just watches and glasses that are prime for disruption and innovation through mobile technology.

Sony Stumbles in Smartphone Market

Sony reported this week that they are expecting losses of $2.14 billion this year, led by sluggish demand across their line of smartphones. It doesn’t seem long ago that they were considered a leader across all personal electronics categories, but as consumer’s attention and dollars have turned towards phones and tablets they have struggled to keep pace with the likes of Apple and Samsung.
Sony has stated that they are shifting their focus in the smartphone market to premium devices, but some experts think that they would be better served to focus on the low-end of the market where a true winner has yet to emerge. Regardless of their strategy moving forward, Sony clearly has some work to do before they establish themselves as a relevant player in the smartphone space.

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