Using Titanium without Appcelerator Studio

This week, Jong Eun Lee came all the way from Seoul (South Korea) to Amsterdam to talk about Titanium development without Appcelerator Studio at our local meetup.

Jong Eun Lee

Jong runs Yo Studio where he uses Titanium to translate the beautiful designs made by his wife into mobile apps as well as websites. He also leads the Titanium community in South Korea which is similar in size to our community in Amsterdam with around 400 members.

Free, Light & Hackable.. but no IDE

Jong shared the story of his search for a free, light and hackable IDE for Titanium. Atom met those requirements, except of course that it is more an editor then it is an integrated development environment for Titanium like Appcelerator Studio is.

Titanium-Alloy package

That’s why Jong wanted something hackable. And since Atom is built in JavaScript he could use the same skills that allowed him to build apps, to slowly turn Atom into that IDE.
His Titanium-Alloy package has seen over 2000 downloads and gains new features almost every week. From autocomplete and jump-to-definition to advanced features like looking up i18n strings and generating styles and event listeners:

Video & Slides

In his talk Jong went over a lot of these features, but also showed how it actually works and relies on other packages. He also threw in some other tips & tricks for Atom as well as TiNy, Alfred and Dash. His slides can be found on GitHub Pages. Watch the recording of his talk on YouTube:

We are not religious about Studio

You might wonder how we at Appcelerator feel about using other editors and IDEs like Atom, Sublime Text or IntelliJ IDEA/WebStorm. Well, we are totally cool with that, really. Editors and IDEs are very personal to developers. Titanium and Arrow might not be the only technologies you use and you’re probably constantly finetuning your environment to write even more and better code in less time, for various projects.

The choice is yours

This is why our CLI is at the core of Appcelerator Studio and why we provide JSCA and JSON formats of our API reference. This is what Jong uses for his Atom package, as do similar solutions for Sublime Text and IntelliJ. If there’s anything we can do help you be more efficient with Titanium or Arrow in your editor, please let us know.
If you start out with Titanium or Arrow, Appcelerator Studio is great to help you focus on learning the APIs rather than setting up your environment. It helps you manage dependencies and platforms, quickly build to emulators and devices, debug and step through your code, package for distribution and with App Designer you now even drag and drop the UI for your Alloy app.
Whatever your editor of choice is: Code Strong! ?

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  1. Is the ScratchPad integration going to be available standalone or fully integrated to Studio? I’ve heard conflicting reports from different folk.
    Eclipse acts up sometimes, I tend to just use a text editor to edit my code and use acs just for the builds.

    • By “CLI” in this case, I’m guessing you mean the one that accompanies our open source Titanium SDK? This OSS SDK is meant primarily for students and hobbyists, and is largely community-supported. Our commercially certified software, including Appcelerator Studio (as well as a CLI), involves a sizable R&D investment and so a license to offset those costs.

      • What I do not understand is if, can I distribute my apps created using OSS version of Titanium on Apple and Play store? or I need to bout a license of Appcelerator to distribute my apps?

        • Yes, you can distribute your apps using the OSS Titanium SDK. Paid seats get access to analytics, backend services (e.g. MBaaS), Appcelerator Studio, and certified builds of the Titanium SDK (which includes same-day support for new OS releases).

  2. I just have one question that I didn’t understand in the video, it’s possible to compile an IPA, APK or iOS simulator version?

  3. it is a really awesome solution, it is better than titanium IDE. I have always unhappy about titanium IDE’s autocomplete, the atom plugin does a much better job on that

  4. Hello,
    Now i try to run studio and bypass user login.
    Titanium studio open i can make new app with TiSDK 3.5.1
    But When i try to run it shows “No user signed in”
    My idea is to code and test app in titanium studio but publish using Appc studio so still i want to use titanium studio but i can’t.


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