KitchenSink Sample App 2.0

As part of the newly announced 6.0.0 Appcelerator Platform release, we also published a completely revamped version of our KitchenSink sample app. The sample app has been rewritten from scratch and now features the best practices we recommend Appcelerator developers follow (e.g. Alloy, launch-screen storyboards, and JavaScript constructors).

KitchenSink 2.0

The new KitchenSink app features examples of all common views and widgets, with many more examples like HTTP-requests, sockets, 3D-Touch, URL-schemes, Android intents and more to be added over the next few months.

View KitchenSink 2.0 on Github ➡️

Current Features

  • API Logging
  • Controls (Switch, Slider, Tabbed Bar, Text Field, Alerts, Dialogs, …)
  • Views (Scroll View, List View, Image View, Blur View, Web View, …)

Planned Features

  • Platform API’s (HTTP-Requests, Contacts, Camera, Gallery, Geolocation, …)
  • Services (Hyperloop, Unit-Testing, Facebook, Maps, OAuth, …)


  • November 14, 2016: Initial Release (Basic support)
  • December 1, 2016: Support for 3D-Touch API’s (Peek and Pop / Shortcut Items)
  • January 1, 2017: Support for platform API examples
  • Q1/2017: Support for the platform services examples


We are more than happy to include additional examples contributed by the community, so if you have a certain API that you want to share within the KitchenSink, let us know and submit a new pull request!

For more ideas and feedback, feel free to get in touch with us on TiSlack.

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  1. This new app specifically shows a dialog when it starts stating it does not follow the recommended best practices. It then goes on not to work on either of the Android devices I tried. It appears to be white text on a white background? A few of the button presses cause a crash? Would have been nice if there was a binary of the app to pull down for Android and the iOS simulator. Just my two cents. Its very difficult to sell management on this technology stack when the sample apps don’t work / have very poor UX.

    • Hey William,
      we open the initial alert dialog when the tabgroup opens. That worked pretty well for Android and iOS during our tests. The Android version was just fixed an our ago to incorporate pending changes regarding sizing and layout. The app is still in Beta as stated in the docs and will be improved over the next weeks and months to also feature more example. Feel free to check out more of our sample apps, e.g. the 5.5.0 Sample App.
      Thx for the feedback!


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