Appcelerator Insights: Mobile Analytics the CEO Will Love

(Updated 7/17/2014 with the Appcelerator Platform’s Summer ’14 release)

Pop quiz: If the CEO or line of business executive asked how your latest high-profile mobile app initiative was performing, how would you answer?

a) “Define ‘performing’.”
b) “Oh, wonderful… I think.”
c) “I don’t have those numbers on me. Let me collect them and get back to you.”
d) “Last I checked, the user feedback was still coming in.”
e) “Why, I can tell you this instant: we have our own app to track it all in real-time!”

If you answered anything other than (e), keep reading.

Where the business performance of their mobile app portfolios is concerned, most companies are flying blind. While traditional application portfolios are held to all kinds of ROI metrics, the investment plan for mobile apps – increasingly the more crucial bet – is made by guesswork and dart-throwing.

Appcelerator Insights – an extension of the Appcelerator Platform – gives executives and business owners a single, real-time “pane of glass” into every key mobile success metric. Insights is delivered as a rich, native, tablet-based mobile app (developed using the Appcelerator Platform, we should point out) that caters to the anytime, anywhere access needs of executives on the go.

Mobile Metrics No Company Should be Without
Insights delivers five key mobile metrics crucial to any company’s mobile strategy:

  1. ACQUISITION: How many new users does my app have?
  2. ENGAGEMENT: How engaged is my audience?
  3. RETENTION: How loyal are my users?
  4. CONVERSION: How many users who begin a process actually get through to completion? When and where do they drop out?
  5. QUALITY: How stable is my app?

Using Appcelerator Insights is easy. Let’s say you launched an app on iOS and Android last month. After logging into Insights, you simply select the app of interest to see its real-time activity on a worldwide map:

On the same screen, you can view the key areas mentioned above at a glance, including the number of installs over the last week, and the average time spent using the app. You can monitor the percent of your total install base that continues to use the app and how frequently users experience a crash. This allows you to instantly track if you are meeting your campaign goals for each week.

If user adoption or engagement is lower than expected, what action can you take? Simply drill down to access more detailed metrics including daily charts and breakdowns by device OS. View the data over the last seven days and measure the impact of your launch activities for any given day.

With Insights, you can also monitor a range of other key metrics to answer such questions as:

  1. How many users launch your app daily (and how many additional times a day?) Do you see more user engagement with iOS over Android?
  2. How many users will actually receive a push notification should we decide to send our users an offer or incentive?
  3. How is the app doing from a quality perspective? How many crashes do you have to fix? Are stability issues more prevalent in one device OS than another? This information can help you prioritize the issues to fix.
  4. How effective is the app flow? Are users moving through to completion? If not, where are they dropping out, and at what rate?

As you approach the week, month and quarter milestones, Insights will present you with appropriate historical trending information. Compare and contrast recent data with past data and understand if your app is on the right path to success.

Below is a short video demo of Appcelerator Insights in action:

Appcelerator Insights is available now on the Apple App Store and Google Play (approval pending). Try it in demo mode and tell us what you think. An Appcelerator Platform license is required to track your own mobile apps.

To learn more about how to get a real-time view of your entire app portfolio with the Appcelerator Platform, click here.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be great if the source code to this app was posted on GitHub. It would be a great example of how a professional Appcelerator app is written. The app is free on the app store anyway, so why not open source??

  2. Great idea, Neville! We could use more source code examples of high-quality polished Titanium apps. There’s so much that goes into getting the “fit and finish” right — handling orientation, layout for different screen sizes, handling pause/resume in a cross-platform way, etc. Now that I think about it, maybe this app doesn’t even have to deal with a lot of that, since it’s iPad only…


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