How the Appcelerator Platform Integrates with MDM/MAM – and What the Future Holds…

App Security

The mobile journey for most enterprises didn’t begin with a plan but a reaction. As non-corporate devices began to flood the enterprise, IT departments needed first and foremost tools that would restore some semblance of governance and control. This is where the Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile App Management (MAM) vendors proved their worth. These tools offer central IT the means to stand up enterprise app stores for the secure distribution of those apps, to “wrap” B2E apps to protect and manage the data, as well as containers for more granular control of apps and their data, such as provisioning and user accessibility.

There are many MDM/MAM vendors (over 125 at last count), including the popular ones such as AirWatch, Apperian, Citrix, Good Technology and MobileIron. Not surprisingly, our enterprise customers commonly ask how we work with these different vendors to ensure the secure distribution and management of the apps built on the Appcelerator Platform. True to our DNA of openness and extensibility, we work to ensure customer investments in MDM/MAM will be fully protected and maximized via the Appcelerator Platform.

Today we offer what we call a “click-to-publish” integration with leading MDM/MAM vendors including MobileIron and Apperian. With click-to-publish, app developers can package and publish their Appcelerator-built apps directly to the respective enterprise app stores. All of this can be done directly from Appcelerator Studio, no muss, no fuss:

To see a demo of this integration in action, watch the video below:

We’ll be adding click-to-publish integrations with other leading MDM/MAM vendors in the coming months.

We’re also working to further deepen the integration between the Appcelerator Platform and many of the leading MDM/MAM vendors. What will this look like? We see two additional levels of integration:

  1. App wrapping: this will allow developers to “wrap” the Appcelerator-built app prior to its publication in the enterprise app store. The wrapping adds pre-selected security capabilities around the app when deployed, such as on-device and over-the-air data encryption, as well as app- and data-wipe.
  2. App containerization: the tightest form of integration possible, containerization allows app builders to embed security capabilities within and throughout the app. Here the MAM/MDM vendors’ APIs are incorporated throughout the app code to offer more fine-grained security such as access control policies (e.g., restricting cutting and pasting from within the app), specific encryption configurations, and detailed reporting.

We expect to add these additional integrations over the next couple of quarters. Stay tuned for further announcements…

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  1. Martin – just to be clear, these integrations are for Appcelerator Platform customers (not Titanium). After making the request, the relevant software module is delivered.


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