Creating Custom Connectors with AMPLIFY, Part 4: Creating a Flow Template

Thanks to our team of integration specialists who created a helpful video series to teach developers what it takes to create and launch custom API integrations with the AMPLIFY Application Integration platform, you can now learn more about custom API integrations. READ MORE: AMPLIFY platform—it’s HIP, it’s big, it’s here.

Custom API integrations

The good news is that the platform comes with 170+ pre-built integrations for popular cloud services like Slack and Salesforce. The even better news? The platform makes it easy to build custom API connections that don’t exist.

To get started, check out the first three short demos: 

Watch the fourth demo

Once you’re all caught up, watch the fourth demo to learn how to create a flow template for new, custom integrations. You’ll learn cloud-to-cloud integration tips, how to create a new flow and how to create a flow instance. 

READ MORE: AMPLIFY usage update usage notifications for cloud services. 

Happy building! If you have any questions or if you just want to show off what you’ve built, get in touch.

Want to learn more? Get the facts and learn more about AMPLIFY Application Integration.


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