Contributing to the Titanium SDK Documentation


Great documentation is key to the success of any developer platform. While we believe the core Titanium SDK documentation is strong, we also know that it can always be improved, extended, or enhanced. And we also know that the people with the most practical experience using the SDK and Appcelerator Platform are you — the community of developers who use it every day to build great mobile apps for fun and profit.
We’d like to invite anyone interested to contribute to the Titanium developer documentation available online at

How to Contribute

It’s easy. First sign-up for an account on the Appcelerator Wiki, if you don’t already have one. Then sign the CLA (Contributor License Agreement). Once you have done that, join us in the Titanium Contributor room and give us your wiki information so we can grant you edit rights.
While viewing a page on, click the Edit button on the right side of the page.
Edit button
Assuming you are already logged-into the Appcelerator Wiki, the corresponding page will open in edit mode, ready for you to update.
Wiki Docs
Make your edits, then click Save.
That’s it. If we have any questions, we will leave comments on the Wiki page.

What to Contribute

Really, anything that you think has value to the general Titanium developer community. While reading the docs you might find something incorrect or outdated. Fix it! Or maybe you have an idea for a tutorial, or for a topic that isn’t covered to your satisfaction. Create a new page and write it up!
Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation. We want you to contribute because of what you know. That said, we do have a few guidelines to help you be effective as a contributor.
So, get an account on the Wikisign the CLA, and help us make the Titanium documentation even better.

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