Announcing New Developer Certifications

Note: Some of the information contained in this post is outdated. For the very latest on training and certifications, please see Appcelerator University
We’re pleased to announce some changes to our existing developer certifications. As part of our ongoing process to keep you, the best and brightest developers, up-to-date with our tools, we’ve revamped our existing certifications. These new certifications will enable you to earn industry recognition as a mobile developer who is expert on the current generation of tools.

What’s changing?

Today, we’re announcing the new Titanium Certified Developer (TCD) and Titanium Certified Expert (TCE) certifications. These programs were actually implemented earlier this year. Students of our in-person classes have already had the chance to earn their TCD and TCE designations. Over 175 developers have already earned TCD, and 54 have earned the TCE designation. Now, you have the opportunity to take the exams too.
The exams are available today in the Marketplace. Get the TCD exam here and the TCE exam here. If you need to brush up on your skills or cover some new areas, check out the classes offered by our authorized training partners.

Why the change?

The Titanium Certified Application Developer (TCAD) and Titanium Certified Mobile Developer (TCMD) certifications were launched nearly three years ago. Since that time, Titanium and our larger Platform offering has undergone a radical transformation. With the release of Alloy, ACS, NodeACS, and a whole raft of other new technologies, Titanium is almost unrecognizable from what it was three years ago.
Unfortunately, our certifications haven’t kept pace and no longer accurately recognize developers who have kept their skills current and adopted new 3.x technologies. Someone with a two year old TCAD certification should not be considered the equal of someone who would earn that designation today. Yet till now, that unfair comparison was what we were offering.
Going forward, we plan to require certified developers to renew their credentials periodically. The TCD and TCE will thus represent your skills with the current tools. Furthermore, plans are underway to add Platform-level certifications on products like Appcelerator Test and Performance Management.

What’s happens to my existing TCAD or TCMD certification?

If you’ve already earned your certification, it will remain valid. It will simply reflect capabilities with the Titanium 2.x releases and earlier. We’ll officially retire those certifications at a future date.

How can I take the exams?

Once you purchase the exam from the Marketplace, you will get a single attempt at the exam. You will take the exam right in your browser. You can take the exam any time, but once you start you’ll have to finish within 90 minutes. Each exam has roughly 65 questions that cover a broad range of Titanium 3.x, Alloy, ACS, and other current Titanium techniques. You’ll need a grade of 75% or higher to pass. Once you pass, you’ll get an additional badge on your DevLink profile.
Don’t miss this opportunity to prove your skills in the competitive app development market!

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    • Exam access purchased through the Marketplace will provide you a single attempt at the test. If you fail, you will need to purchase another exam attempt.


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