Amazon S3 Connector for SecureTransport now supports Failover bucket

Amazon S3 Connector for SecureTransport

We are happy to share the latest version of the Amazon S3 Connector for SecureTransport is now available for download.Amazon S3 Connector

You can download version 1.7.1 from

  • Enhancements
      • Ability to set Failover bucket
          • Business Use Case
          • Technical Details
      • Enhanced access to files in a specific S3 subfolder
          • Business Use Case
      • Improved log messages
          • Business Use Case
      • Defects
  • The Team


Early this year, we improved the Authentication mechanism to Amazon S3 with version 1.6.0.

Six months later, we are ready with another release of the most used SecureTransport Connector. 

Version 1.7.1 of S3 Connector contains…

Ability to set Failover bucket

Failover bucket

Under Site Settings, you can now configure Failover Bucket via the standard settings — Bucket name, Region, and Network Zone.

Business Use Case

The idea is to be able to switch between Amazon S3 buckets automatically in case one is not reachable.

That may happen because of a missing connection, temporary Authentication issue, the entire Data Center is down, etc.

Our customers and their partners might even use this feature in situations when a temporary switch between buckets is required based on some internal maintenance procedures.

Technical Details

Before the main transfer site operation (list, download, upload, etc.), if the feature is enabled, we will execute a HEAD request to the remote endpoint.

If HEAD request throws an exception we set the secondary site settings (including the custom host, port, etc.) and retry the HEAD request one more time.

If this is OK, we continue with the next transfer site operations, if not, we re-throw the exception to SecureTransport.

Enhanced access to files in a specific S3 subfolder

Business Use Case

Until now, the Amazon S3 Connector for SecureTransport required the user that authenticates to S3 to have s3:ListBucket and s3:GetBucketLocation as permissions on bucket level.

Now those permissions are not required, and standard pull/push operations are achievable.

Improved log messages

Business Use Case

When a customer reaches certain failures in transferring files between SecureTransport and S3, it was difficult to identify/troubleshoot the exact reason In version 1.7.1 of Amazon S3 Connector.

We have improved the messages that are written in the Server Log to help our customers troubleshoot easily connection, authentication, or bucket level issues.


Last but not least, we also added a fix for two defects: TRD-4319 and TRD-4120.

Discover how to build a routing step.



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