Five Enterprise Mobility Influencers to Follow

In a world where 17-year-olds with no coding experience can build a cross-platform smoking cessation app and a field services company can become a mobile app company, it’s not a secret that mobility is turning the tables. For CIOs and IT departments intent on addressing mobile head-on, it’s important to keep an ear to the ground and pay attention to the people who really “get” mobility.
To help you do this, here’s the first five (in no particular order) in an ongoing series sharing enterprise mobility influencers to follow online:
Michael Facemire, Analyst, Forrester

Benjamin Robbins, Co-Founder, Palador

Kevin Benedict, Senior Analyst, Digital Transformation at Cognizant

  • Why: Benedict combines humor with deep experience in the enterprise mobility sphere. In addition to his informative Twitterstream, Benedict shares a weekly digest of mobility news from around the web, specifically market data and trends.
  • Where: Twitter @krbenedict, Blog – Mobile Enterprise Strategies, LinkedIn Group: Strategic Enterprise Mobility on Linkedin
  • Mobility Words of Wisdom: “Location based services and #RFID help hospitals save money.”

Maribel Lopez, Founder, Lopez Research

  • Why: A true industry veteran, Lopez has been in the IT industry for 20 years, having begun her career at Motorola. She founded Lopez Research in 2008, focusing on research and analysis of the mobile industry. She’s super engaged with her followers on Twitter, and blogs on mobility topics ranging from agile development to shadow IT to the business impact of the Internet of Things.
  • Where: Twitter @MaribelLopez, her blog roll on Lopez Research’s Mobility Blog
  • Mobility Words of Wisdom:Without a Mobile Strategy, You’re Going to Get Buried.”

Daniel DiMassa, Mobile App Expert, InnoviMobile

  • Why: An unabashed mobility enthusiast, DiMassa shares his no-holds-barred opinions on mobility. In between cracking jokes and sharing his provocative views on shadow IT, enterprise development and the future of business apps, he demonstrates real passion for mobility (and Google Glass.)
  • Where: Twitter @TheDiMassa, on his blog Enterprise Adoption
  • Mobility Words of Wisdom:I need to make a custom tshirt: Shadow IT Gets it Done Faster.”
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  1. Very Informative blog, This is the most important feature when targeting the right influencers for Enterprise Mobility, Decide if you need an activist, an informer, an authority, etc…


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