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Operating one of the largest insurance providers in the country is no easy task. As a major insurance provider in Brazil, Caixa Seguradora offers plans that include life, auto, health and home coverage. The organization’s health insurance unit needed a better way to keep its thousands of healthcare and dental customers connected to their plans, check their insurance statements, receive their tax information and more.

They knew that the modern digital landscape called for a modern solution, and began work on designing their very own mobile app. They enlisted the help of Foursys—a company that develops customized mobile solutions—to create a user-friendly platform that could migrate information from previous applications and integrate the healthcare and dental systems.

Access to health records in record time

Not only did Caixa Seguradora need to develop a mobile app with robust user features, an easy-to-use interface and a reliable user experience—they needed to do it quickly. The insurance company entrusted the experts at Foursys to create a unified platform integration in record time: a mere 40 days. The mobile development team turned to its partners at Axway Appcelerator for a developer platform with the dependability, depth and agility needed to meet this challenge.

Foursys opted for Titanium SDK, which allows its developers to create applications for Android and iOS from a single JavaScript codebase while maintaining the native experience and performance unique to each operating system. This solution also allows Foursys’ team to recycle similar code to perform unified app updates and maintenance across all types of devices, rather than start from scratch for each individual platform.

‘Insuring’ customer satisfaction

Through Titanium, Caixa Seguradora’s Saúde mobile app was born in less than 40 days, and includes such features as 24-hour digital access to insurance plan information, push notifications for claims warnings and a chat for rapid answers to questions. Customers can also utilize the app to check their pension fund, find important tax documents, contact the insurance fund and even make payments.

Most importantly though, Foursys was able to integrate Saúde into Caixa Seguradora’s existing platforms and easily consolidate healthcare and dental information into a simple one-stop shop for customers. Foursys Superintendent of Operations Fúlvio Mascara noted the benefits of developing with Titanium included major gains in platform performance, increased developer agility and the reduction of overhead costs.

“Axway Appcelerator offered all the necessary tools to deliver an integrated platform that serves the two Caixa Seguros products,” said Mascara.

According to Caixa Seguradora, the impact of the new mobile app and system integrations were felt right away. Following the short period of migration and implementation of the project, Caixa Seguradora Health Systems Manager Mauricio Oliveira Camargo said clients now have the ability to personalize their experience and be more assertive about their care options.

“We looked at the behavior of app users and saw that we needed to improve,” explained Camargo. “Integrating them through Axway Appcelerator has enabled us to meet the wishes of our customers and also provide a single platform with easy management and reduced cost.”

New plan, big savings

Beyond customer satisfaction, the project had a major impact on the company’s business operations. The platform migration and development of the new mobile app allowed Caixa Seguradora to enjoy a 30% increase in performance, 40% reduction in costs and 50% reduction in development time for new application versions.

Axway Senior VP and GM for Latin America Marcelo Ramos commented that the demand for service delivery apps—such as this one from Caixa Seguradora—is only poised to grow as users expect (and require) faster, more reliable methods moving forward. The companies able to best service their customers will be those with the adoption of forward-thinking digital strategies.

“Mobile applications are an important way to reach the digital environment and provide a unique experience for customers and users,” said Ramos. “That’s why we foster digital transformation through our Appcelerator platform and our integration ecosystem to meet the needs of each company.”

Interested to learn more about Foursys’ app development work with companies like Caixa Seguradora? Check out their website here.

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