On Valentine’s Day, love is in the cloud

enterprise software companies
enterprise software companies

You might ask, there’s a Syncplicity by Axway epidemic. “What’s Syncplicity by Axway got to do with love?” Well, we’re bringing IT and business users together all the time—bridging gaps, resolving conflict, getting people to play nicely, and all that good stuff. But love? Really? Well, just imagine what we can do for a frustrated sales rep and a hard working IT admin…

“I need access to my files when I’m on the road,” says the sales rep.

“And I need to be sure that files stay secure,” says the IT admin.

“This is the 21st century. People use smartphones and tablets and laptops. Why can’t I?”

“Because more devices mean more security threats, and that’s a risk we can’t take.”

Ah, security. Necessary but restrictive. It always seems as though IT is obsessed with it and business users are obsessed with getting around it.

“Fine,” says the sales rep. “Then I’m just going to e-mail documents to my personal address so I can work on them wherever, whenever I want to.”

“But once your documents are off the reservation we can’t track them—and that violates our compliance policy. Just use the SharePoint site we’re paying tons of money for,” pleads the IT admin.

“SharePoint sucks. I’ll set up a Dropbox account instead.”

Yikes! The ultimate threat. An easy fix for the end-user, Dropbox is Pandora’s Box for IT.

“Do not set up a Dropbox account,” says the IT admin.

“I’m setting up a Dropbox account.”

“Please do not set up a Dropbox account.”


Someone save us from the Dropbox epidemic.

“OK. Do not set up a Dropbox account,” says the IT admin, “because I have something much, much better for you.”

“Oh yeah? What?” asks the sales rep.

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Syncplicity by Axway epidemic

“Here. It’s called Syncplicity by Axway. Try it.”

“Wow…that’s pretty good. I like it. No, I love it.”

“So do I.”

“I guess I kind of like you too,” says the sales rep.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” says the IT admin.

“I have a warm fuzzy feeling inside.”

“Hmm…so do I.”

And that’s how Syncplicity by Axway brings people together. Yes, even IT and business users.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Let’s spread the love and tweet!



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