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The new normal: multi-dimensional solutions for sharing and collaboration

Over a year ago, we talked a lot about how content is evolving. Specifically, we presented trends in digital file and data sharing, consumer expectations,...

Where is my data and who has access to it?

The answer to “Where is my data and who has access?” is shockingly not as easy an answer as you would expect. Anyone with internet...
Enhance EDI with Content Collaboration capabilities

Enhance EDI with Content Collaboration capabilities: How to grow your market

Easily enable new business-to-business (B2B) and consumer to business channels quickly. With the Syncplicity Connector for B2Bi, you can extend EDI capabilities beyond the...
work from home challenges

Overcome your work from home challenges (With Syncplicity!)

I work from home… and have done so for over seven years—since I joined our Syncplicity team. It was a big change from a...

Sharing and collaborating for remote Syncplicity users: Four ideas to keep you going

Due to recent worldwide events, several companies are looking to minimize the impact of their closing offices while their workforce does remote work. For...
Six ways to work remotely

Six tips for working remotely

Events around the world are putting digital transformation to the test, as many companies adopt no-travel and work-from-home policies (of course, not all work...

Should you DIY your modernization?

The keys were firmly held in my hand as I raised them to the front door. As I stepped inside and walked through the...
Ransomware protection and recovery

Ransomware protection and recovery in healthcare

Hospitals are one of the most vulnerable institutions to ransomware attacks because of the services they provide, as they can’t sustain significant periods of...
External Sharing and Collaboration Made Easy with Syncplicity

External Sharing and Collaboration Made Easy with Syncplicity

No matter your role, whether you’re in sales or human resources, external sharing and collaboration is a component of your work. In some cases,...

Search and Metadata Tagging—Locating and Adding Context to your Content

Syncplicity Search & Tagging Global data is expected to grow from 33 Zettabytes (ZB) in 2018 to 175ZB by 2025. As data and unstructured content...

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