Refreshed Axway Appcelerator

As many of you may have observed, we have been in the process of rebranding and renaming our offering. Our new brand – Axway Appcelerator – represents two words that combine our company name and our well-known brand in the mobile app development industry.

By design, we maintained a separate Appcelerator identity until now to maximize its considerable brand equity and provide continuity to our hundreds of thousands of loyal developers around the world. This is the right time to unite Appcelerator and the refreshed Axway brand launched last fall, as we have made tremendous strides integrating and aligning Axway Appcelerator products and capabilities with the Axway AMPLIFY platform and vision.

As promised at the time of the acquisition, Axway has invested in our product line, we have expanded our Product Management and Product Marketing teams. We have brought smart, experienced and high-energy people with the common goal to grow our product, our open source community and the business.

There are few more things to come, as many of you have seen, we continue with a great cadence of constant releases for our now named Axway Titanium SDK. And we already started working on our next major release 7.0.0. Enhancements and new features are also coming for Analytics, APIs, Hyperloop, and across practically all components. It is an exciting time and combined with the Axway AMPLIFY platform roadmap, upcoming refreshed developer portal and marketplace, we are going to close this second half of 2017 on a roll.

What’s changing?

Our latest Axway Appcelerator Dashboard released on Friday transitions the product to the new name and brand. Most of the other components including documentation have been updated or will be updated in the next few weeks. All major components follow an easily recognizable pattern in the naming convention as we have used in the past.

AppceleratorAxway Appcelerator
Appcelerator Titanium™Axway Titanium™ SDK
Appcelerator PlatformAxway Appcelerator Mobile solution
Appcelerator DashboardAxway Appcelerator Dashboard
Appcelerator StudioAxway Appcelerator Studio
Arrow BuilderAxway API Builder tools
Arrow CloudAxway API Runtime services
Arrow MBaaS ServicesAxway Mobile Backend Services
Appcelerator AnalyticsAxway Mobile Analytics
Usage Analytics
Appcelerator Performance ManagementAxway Mobile Analytics
Performance Analytics
Appcelerator CLIAxway Appcelerator CLI
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Product Director, Axway Appcelerator


    • Not in the short or mid-term plans. We, of course, welcome your feedback and ideas on the new functionality you would like to see

      • So many features! I would seriously look at the likes of JetBrains IDE families (WebStorm/PhpStorm) for inspiration – Android Studio uses JetBrains IDE for instance. For example, the ability to have separate windows open across multiple monitors, code formatting/refactoring, updated Android SDK and SDK tools (v23 is sooo old now)

    • Hey Donovan!

      We support all possible iOS extensions already, including Today-/Homescreen-Widgets (they used to be called Today-widgets, but as you can use them from the home-screen since iOS 10, they renamed it).

      Back to topic, we made a couple of guides and sample-apps to demonstrate the usage, you might want to check out the Siri extensions guide that is configured the same other extensions are configured, as well as the TitaniumToday sample project by the community on how to create extension-widgets.

      If you have further questions, be sure to ask our community on StackOverflow (#titanium) or Slack (

      Hans ~ Titanium Core-Team


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