Introducing an All New Axway Marketplace

The past few months have brought exciting changes to the Axway Marketplace, Axway’s platform for high-quality free, open-source, and paid development assets. As we bring more capabilities to Axway’s AMPLIFY Platform, we’ve also expanded the Marketplace’s mobile assets with analytics dashboards, new modules, SDKs, and support for API creation, management, and exchange. This evolution will continue throughout the next few months as we enhance the collaborative ecosystem of high-quality contributors with resources for every step of the development cycle. Here’s what to expect from the new, improved Marketplace.

Easier Discovery

As the Marketplace now spans many capabilities beyond mobile app development, we’ve introduced a new taxonomy and navigation structure to make search and discovery easier for both Marketplace contributors and consumers. The new Marketplace is organized around six themes — MFT (Managed File Transfer), B2B, Analytics, Syncplicity (file sync and share), App Dev, and API Lifecycle — and encompasses assets from modules and templates to connectors, policies, filters, and code samples. If you’re a contributor, the new look and feel will help broaden exposure to your work. If you’re a developer looking to the Marketplace for resources, you can more easily surface assets that are most relevant to your needs.

New Revenue Opportunities

Along with increased opportunities to monetize work and expose interfaces to your services, developers and partners will enjoy even more favorable contributor terms when you contribute to the Marketplace. We’ve decreased the Marketplace fee from 30% to only 10% (and we’ll handle transaction fees too), which means you’ll keep 90% of all revenue earned. You can contribute free or open-source assets to the Marketplace as well, pending our certification process.

New Connectors

In the coming weeks, we’ll introduce dozens of new connectors to help accelerate your API development, management, and data integration and engagement goals. These include twenty new API Builder connectors, including for MongoDB, Google Custom Search, Salesforce, and Twilio. We’ve also released a number of connectors for SecureTransport, including Hadoop, SMB, and Syncplicity, with many more to come in the next quarter.

Improved API Management Solutions

The new Marketplace also features refreshed assets for developers looking to leverage Axway’s API Management solutions. If you’re working with MQTT and API Gateway, you’re now able to integrate the two using MQTT triggers and proxies available on the Marketplace. The MQTT Proxy enables you to apply Axway API Gateway policies (e.g. authN, authZ, content manipulation) on MQTT protocol for any MQTT broker. This allows you to validate authentication against your IAM systems like LDAP, Custom Databases, Radius, Siteminder and others. The MQTT Proxy gives you the ability to route traffic to other topics or servers. In addition, the MQTT Proxy enables you to modify payload, topic and other parameters of your MQTT traffic.

Explore the new Marketplace additions here, and keep an eye out for new assets in the coming weeks. See the FAQs to find out how to make your own contributions to the Marketplace.

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VP, Product Line - API, Microservices, & Mesh Governance at Axway


  1. Hi Olivier – are you signed in? To sign up for Axway Amplify Marketplace, you must first sign up to the AMPLIFY Platform. To sign up for the AMPLIFY Platform, go to and choose the “Get started for free” link on the top right. Follow the steps to create your Platform credentials. Once completed, come back to and sign in with your new credentials.


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