Arrow API Swagger Interface

When you create Arrow Builder APIs, the Arrow Admin Console displays your automatically-generated API docs in the API Docs tab as described here. An example is shown below:
Arrow API Swagger Interface
While the API Docs are appropriate for developers, what if you need to programmatically import the APIs into a tool such as the Axway API Manager? Arrow APIs also contain a Swagger definition that can be used this purpose.

Arrow Project Swagger

Your Arrow project Swagger file that describes all of the APIs in the project can be accessed at the following URL:
For example, for my published Arrow Project, the Swagger definition can be found here:

Individual APIs

Each API also has a separate swagger definition associated with the API itself. This is convenient if you only need access to one API and not the entire set of APIs exposed by your Arrow Project.
For example, if you have a model and associated APIs for account as follows:

var Arrow = require('arrow');
var Model = Arrow.Model.reduce('appc.salesforce/Account', 'Account', {
    fields: {
        Name: {
            type: String,
            description: 'Account Name',
            maxlength: 255,
            required: true,
            optional: false
        Type: {
            type: String,
            description: 'Account Type',
            maxlength: 40
        Phone: {
            type: String,
            description: 'Account Phone',
            maxlength: 40
    actions: [
module.exports = Model;

API docs for this API can be found at the following URL:
The swagger definition for account can be found at the following URL:
Swagger files for the Arrow project and individual API’s can be found here.

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