New version of is available

We are pleased to announce a new release of the platform. It includes new features and a bunch of bug fixes both in the portal and our JS SDK.


Our JS SDK now includes a fallback mechanism for browsers that do not support Server-Sent Events (SSE): updates will be pushed using long-polling if SSE is not available. Our JavaScript SDK is now open source and available on GitHub, so you can get inspired to create your app in your favorite language.
If you prefer not using our SDK or want to use with other platforms (Java, iOS, Android, etc.), you only have to include any SSE library and JSON Patch library to open a stream and interpret patches sent by

New security policy

From a security standpoint, the request signature is now optional, the client just has to provide an App token in their requests using X-Sd-Token as a query parameter. You can still activate the request signature in the portal (under Settings > Security) and use an additional JS library that will help you sign your requests from the client.


Our portal enables you to manage several Apps through the same account. You can now create as many applications as you want to manage your API and the configuration of your applications independently from each other.

New demos

Finally, we have worked on a bunch of demos to help you get started quickly. All of them are open-sourced and available on GitHub.
Xignite demo: Using with Xignite APIs to get the currency’s change rate.
Flight stats demo: Demo using GoogleMap and flight stats API to display real-time information on airports (departures, arrivals, weather)
Bike demo: A simple demo that displays available bikes in real-time on Google maps.
Poll demo: This demo shows how you can create a web app to run surveys, using a Parse backend, and for automatic updates of the UI. Link poll demo.
Twitter demo: This sample application shows how to get a Twitter timeline with the Javascript SDK and JQuery. Twitter demo.
Stay tuned! New features will come soon such as polling frequency configuration, HTTP/2 support and more.
Thank you all for your valuable feedback which helps us build an awesome product. Team
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Director, Engineering Mgmt - Allan Denis is the CTO of and since the Axway acquisition has been leading the AMPLIFY Streams R&D team. Allan has a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is skilled in Event-driven architectures, Real-time Cloud Applications, and IaaS and loves working with small agile teams in an international and multicultural context.


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