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You can now put to work as part of your Axway API infrastructure, with the availability of our connector in the Axway Marketplace (click here). Making our streaming solutions available side by side with Axway API design, deployment, and management infrastructure, and the wealth of other connectors that are available in the Axway Marketplace (click here).

Here is the description of what we deliver, directly from the Axway Marketplace: provides a proxy-as-a-service that turns any request-answer API into real-time event-driven data feeds without a line of server-side code. With use-cases ranging from enhancing UX with animated interfaces, feeding machine-learning and artificial intelligence systems with time-sensitive data, distributing information more efficiently on mobiles to optimizing API costs, Streamdata’s solution offers multiple levels of benefits while being extremely scalable and secure.

As well as the features and benefits brought to the table by in conjunction with Axway infrastructure:

Time to market – One day to production compared to 6 to 12 months to build a streaming back-bone.
Scalability – Don’t build infrastructure and don’t worry. can serve millions of clients.
Enhanced U.I. – Better engagement and retention. Dwell time increases up to 200%.
Predictable costs – Pay-as-you-grow model. No hidden cost.
Developer satisfaction – No more API rate limitation. No more frustration.
– Push – Say goodbye to Polling: Transform any JSON API into a real-time push API without a single line of server side code, and an easy integration in client applications, thanks to our SDKs.
Dynamic Cache – We reduce the load on APIs by keeping data in cache. Do more with less. Less load means higher scalability and lower costs.
Incremental Updates – Only incremental updates are pushed to applications. Doing so, reduces volume of data transferred drastically, resulting in a better user-experience.
Usage Analytics – Clear reports provide insight on app usage, user engagement and target APIs, enabling you to make informed decisions on app marketing and performance optimizations.
Polling Frequency – Set a default polling frequency for all your APIs or define a custom polling frequency for each of your APIs and will attempt to fetch data from the target URL at the defined interval.
QueryParam and Header Injection – Inject secret query params or headers that will transparently add on the fly to every request made to the target URL.
API auto-provisioning – APIs endpoint can either be manually created through Portal or automatically provisioned upon client request.
Client Request Signature – You can optionally activate a Client Request Signature to provide an additional level of security, using a private key to validate the signature of the client requests received before granting access.

You can put to work using one of four plans:

Spring – Free
Stream – $25.00 per Month
Brook – $100.00 per Month
Creek – $500.00 per Month

We are exciting to have our first connector in the Axway Marketplace. We have other connectors being planned. We’d like to offer more Streamdataio API Gallery driven connectors, allowing for the delivery of real-time data streams for specific topics, going well beyond the general streaming connector we have in there now. Expanding what is possible when you put Axway API infrastructure to work, allowing you to deploy APIs that aren’t just about connecting to backend systems but also acting as and intermediary for other 3rd party API infrastructure. and Axway are meeting regularly to discuss what is possible when it comes to partnering. We are working closely with Axway to help them evolve their roadmap, making sure streaming, and event-driven architecture is a big part of the future of their API infrastructure solutions. Stay tuned for more stories about what we are up to, and tune in here on our blog, as well as API Evangelist and Axway to learn more about the work we are doing together.

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