Don’t just transfer files, Archive

Don’t just transfer files, Archive
Don’t just transfer files, Archive

Axway has been known to offer a secure, trusted Managed File Transfer solution. Our customer’s rely on us to ensure that data is moved securely system to system. What we have noticed, our customers across a wide range of industries have a requirement to selectively retain data. Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of a new capability – Archive for our MFT solutions.

This new capability provides a built-in persistent storage option for short and long-term archiving. It enables our customers to add flexible, integrated and secure archiving for their managed file transfers. Archive is a SaaS add-on, it’s easy-to-use and a scale-able way to add archiving capabilities to our existing and new AMPLIFY™ MFT and Axway SecureTransport customers.

Automate and customize your archiving

Archive provides an automated and scheduled process for archiving MFT files. For organizations that need to automate their archiving needs based on customized retention policies Archive streamlines the process – helping ensure your organization meets regulatory and corporate compliance.  Archive can be scheduled to run as a background process and configured to send an email notification with a status update.

Storage options & advanced security

With Archive, your organization has the flexibility to store files on-premises or in the cloud. And, it’s to expand your storage as your needs change. Data is protected with encrypted file storage and zero content knowledge, in redundant, reliable storage.

Keep your legal and compliance teams in control

With the new capability your legal and compliance teams have the ability to access files via a Web console, desktop or mobile application. It’s secure, and easy. Unlike other solutions there is no additional cost to access files or no delay in accessing files.

Speak with an Axway rep to learn more.


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