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healthcare digital transformation

HIMSS Survey examines the state of mobile health IT

UPDATED 11/9/18 Back in 2015, we attended the HIMSS 15 Annual Conference in Chicago where providers, practitioners and other healthcare professionals convened to discuss the latest...
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Gartner again recognizes Axway’s leadership in API Management

UPDATED 11/12/18 As we discussed, APIs are increasingly becoming more prominent tools to achieve a digital business competitive advantage. To meet the skyrocketing demands that...
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The API advantage

UPDATED 11/12/18 Years ago, application programming interfaces (APIs) were viewed as a new cohesive way to integrate applications together. Today, APIs are as necessary to...
API Management Solutions

SOA is not dead (and shouldn’t be)

UPDATED 11/13/18 "SOA is dead.” Those famous words are from back in 2009. Read past the first three words, and you see “Long live services.”...
API Workshop

Around the world: API Workshops for OAuth, Mobile, REST

UPDATED 11/13/18 At Axway, we regularly run API Workshops worldwide. API practitioners in the discussion, debate and exposure to technologies such as OAuth 2.0, API developer...

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