What is RMAD?

If you have ever wondered what RMAD is and how it is related to Mobile application development, here are some answers.
RMAD stands for Rapid Mobile Application Development. The term RMAD was introduced by the analyst firm Gartner to describe user-friendly solutions that allow business professionals to build and deliver cross-platform mobile apps quickly and easily, increasing efficiency and time-to-market.
RMAD offers business users the ability to quickly build and manage “good-enough” internal apps to address specific business issues. Enterprises can also use RMAD tools to create both internal and customer-facing apps. RMAD software is Web-based, object-oriented and typically includes a drag-and-drop GUI interface.
Companies are increasingly spending time and resources to develop their own apps to capitalize on the growth in the mobile app space. The extended time and significant resources usually taken to build an app prevent many companies from building mobile apps. Within businesses, the number of enterprise app users is limited by the number of employees in the company, and therefore, creating and deploying native platform, feature-rich, extensive mobile apps doesn’t increase the number of users.
So what are the pros and cons of RMAD? And how does Axway Appcelerator fit in here with RMAD?
RMAD provides seasoned developers a quick means for rapid prototyping.
RMAD lowers the entry barrier for novice developers seeking to enter the mobile app space. Novice developers with innovative ideas can use RMAD to construct functional apps without having to get into the details of the code.

A company with only a few apps can easily manage with RMAD, but managing numerous apps created for different needs can be quite challenging.
As more apps are created, they can start to pile up and a company’s entire app ecosystem can become quite unmanageable.

Axway Appcelerator and RMAD:
Businesses that adopt RMAD should decide on how they will manage their apps. And one common solution is to use enterprise mobile application development platforms to keep track of apps, and manage who should use them and when. With a solution like Axway Appcelerator, companies can not only keep track of KPIs with Analytics but also manage the entire backend integrations and APIs with best in class Mobile Backend features.
Also please note that Axway Appcelerator also has RMAD capabilities to design and build some features of the mobile apps with low code and drag and drop functionality. We have a very strong roadmap ahead of us to deliver improved new features for your RMAD front end development efforts.

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