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Digital transformation means businesses need to integrate more data, systems, people, businesses, and things than ever before. And that means IT teams need a way to combine traditional integration patterns – like Managed File Transfer, B2B, and, EDI – with new integration patterns fueled by modern APIs and microservices.

iPaaS removes the barriers developers and IT teams typically face each time a new application is added into business by enabling them to orchestrate, build, synchronize, replicate, transform, and organize data residing anywhere – cloud or on-premises.

Automating sales documentation repositories using Axway Integration Builder

Automating sales documentation repositories using AMPLIFY Integration Builder

How do you manage your sales documentation? A customer relationship management tool (CRM)? An intranet site? Excel sheets? Since I am responsible for the sales...

Five things you hate about application integration that you can change now

Integrating new technologies with your existing systems or integrating disparate technologies to create new, marketable solutions are huge challenges. You’re not alone, it affects...
What is iPaas?

iPaaS: Integration Platform as a Service

A technology shift is happening, and IT leaders face challenges unlike any they’ve had before. One of the more common challenges enterprises face is...
low-code/no-code development

What is low-code/no-code development? (LCNC)

Low-code/no-code development (LCNC) is a setting for which a person or a team can easily draw from and place their applications for scheduling an...
How iPaaS changes API Management to Mesh Apps Together Faster

How iPaaS changes API Management to mesh apps together faster

API Management and iPaaS are key factors to help transform a modern business.  An API Management solution is designed for the continual delivery of...
How Integration as a Platform (iPaaS) is changing Enterprise integration

How Integration as a Platform (iPaaS) is changing enterprise integration

The integration platform as a service (iPaaS) market is not just growing, it is accelerating. iPaaS is a cloud service that provides a platform...
extending API Management

Extending API Management with iPaaS–API integration the next logical step!

Ten years ago, we took on a strategy to build REST APIs for our products–to build our UI on those APIs and at the...
benefits of iPaaS

5 benefits of iPaaS

A real challenge that businesses and IT teams across many organizations face today is establishing an integrated network that matches the flexibility of the...
Integration as a Service: Why do you need iPaaS?

Integration as a Service: Why do you need iPaaS?

To succeed in digital transformation goals, businesses need to integrate more systems, people and things than ever before. Businesses require more touch points and...
iPaaS and hybrid integration

Axway recognized as a Strong Performer in Independent Report on Strategic iPaaS And Hybrid...

Axway is very proud to announce that they have been positioned as a “Strong Performer” in The Forrester Wave™: Strategic iPaaS and hybrid integration...

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