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Kenter moves B2B integration to the cloud

How Kenter saved 24% of capital costs by moving customer data to the cloud

What does a utility company in the Netherlands like Kenter do when its B2B integration platform is nearing the end because of EU regulations? They teamed with Axway to move B2B integration to the cloud to...
four challenges of multiple API gateways

Four challenges of using multiple API gateways: Webinar takeaways

IT architectures are becoming more complex with multiple API gateways. And without central visibility and control over your APIs, multiple gateways can mean various...
Managed File Transfer solution

An MFT solution that meets the needs of the business

If you need to move files inside or outside your organization, using a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution will undoubtedly add value. There are many...
APIs drive change

APIs as change agents

APIs have been taking the world by storm. In times of global disruption and the replacement of physical interactions with digital journeys, APIs drive...
Askrindo uses Amplify API Management

How Askrindo turned insurance industry disruption into rapid innovation with API Management in the...

“To build our business and reduce the risk of being disrupted by an emerging generation of Fintech startups, we knew it was vital to...
multiple API Gateway's value

Multiple API Gateways: Managing complexity to bring better value

Multiple API Gateway's value lies in knowing how to manage the complexity in today’s world with the right solution in place. SmartBear’s State of API...
Amplify Flow Manager

Increasing your MFT operational efficiency

Many organizations that we speak to are in the process of modernizing their way of working. They are looking to reduce costs, improve operational...
Amplify is IDP Verified

Amplify is Okta IDP Verified

Over the past few months, the Amplify Platform and Technology Alliance teams have been working together to develop and publish a fully supported and...

SecureTransport Cluster Models Overview – Part 3

In Part 1 of my series on SecureTransport Cluster Models Overview, I introduced the reasons to consider clustering a SecureTransport MFT environment and an overview...
Building blocks for HTTP APIs

Building blocks for HTTP APIs: IETF 109 Working Group Meeting

As discussed in a recent interview with Darrell Miller, one of the chairs of the new "Building Blocks for HTTP APIs" working group, this working...

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