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File locking and unlocking in Syncplicity

File locking and unlocking now available in Syncplicity

Working collaboratively on documents has now gotten easier, with users able to lock documents to avoid their changes from being overwritten by others. The need...
Syncplicity with Alexa

Managing Syncplicity with Alexa, Part 2

My first attempt at managing Syncplicity with Alexa Skill, while rather crude, it was a success in dipping my toe into the waters of...
managing Syncplicity with Alexa

Managing Syncplicity with Alexa, Part 1

I love APIs. Now, I’m no developer, but I’ve worked in pre-sales engineering long enough to pick up some basic scripting, so I appreciate...

Search and Metadata Tagging—Locating and Adding Context to your Content

Syncplicity Search & Tagging Global data is expected to grow from 33 Zettabytes (ZB) in 2018 to 175ZB by 2025. As data and unstructured content...

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