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Axway and Railinc

Key takeaways: How Railinc keeps America’s trains running with Axway’s Managed File Transfer

A critical component of U.S. transportation infrastructure, Railinc supports commercial and government organizations with the information services they need to keep their rail assets...
Amplify API Management and AVEM

How AVEM is reusing architecture to turbo-charge client onboarding

We’ve all had our fair share of projects that ran a bit behind schedule — or even a lot. But when payments specialist AVEM...
Road to Tokyo Part 3

Road to Tokyo, Part 3: Racing to qualify for the Olympics

We first shared the story of Sadio Diallo’s road to qualify for the Olympics in March 2020. Then, the world shut down, and the...
transforming the future for women in tech

Axway Summit 2021: Transforming the future for women in tech

Although women represent nearly half of the entire workforce today, they’re still massively underrepresented in the technology industry. What’s more, McKinsey’s 2020 Women in the...
Axway Amplify Streams

Is your organization event-enabled?

In the center of consumers, organizations and applications are crucial, valuable data that is expected to be fresh, relevant, and delivered at lightning-fast speeds. Real-time...
Axway Decision Insight uses Operational Intelligence

Axway Decision Insight uses Operational Intelligence (OI) for Controlled Substances Suspicious Order Monitoring “SOM”

The Opioid epidemic has been at the forefront of recent headlines before the COVID-19 pandemic. The DEA has been handing out record fines to...
modernization for URSSAF - Caisse Nationale

Modernizing France’s social security services with URSSAF – Caisse Nationale

Thanks to Axway’s Amplify API Management platform, URSSAF - Caisse Nationale is now handling more than four million daily secure API transactions. And it’s...
digital experiences

Consumers say they worry about their data security and privacy: Build brilliant digital experiences...

In a just-released Axway consumer survey, a majority of Americans say they want greater transparency in how companies handle and track their data. They’re...
Axway SecureTransport Antivirus DLP Scanning Part 2

Axway SecureTransport Antivirus/DLP Scanning – Part 2

In our part one of this series, Axway SecureTransport Antivirus/DLP Scanning via ICAP, we covered the capabilities of SecureTransport ICAP integration with third-party Antivirus...
Imvision and Axway partner for seamless integration

Imvision and Axway partner for seamless integration

Blind spots are much more than just things you don’t track. Visibility is a big challenge for security professionals today, perhaps the biggest. But all...
Transform It Forward talks with Simon Glass

Video as the future of market research with Simon Glass

Video conferencing for business isn't new. For years, companies have been using it to collaborate, present, and discuss collecting qualitative consumer research. And when...
Join Axway at the Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit

Join Axway for the Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit

The Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit starts today, May 26th, and Axway will be a Platinum sponsor. Resilient enterprise This year's theme is "Building...

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